Thursday, October 28, 2010

My, haven't we grown?

For those of you who don't know: I am the proud owner of a public relations and copywriting company which, at the end of October, is a year old.

This time last year, I was jobless, nearly homeless and sat smack-bang in the middle of the recession. I can tell you now, it wasn’t the nicest situation and it is one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

With nothing to fill my days, a friend of mine suggested that he needed some marketing work doing and was willing to hire me on a freelance basis.

Sitting in his office in Worksop, he said six words to me that would change my life forever:

“Why don’t you go self-employed?”

The last year has been a real rollercoaster, much more difficult than I expected and yet totally fulfilling. Sheffield, as a city, is thriving with up and coming SME’s and I, for one, feel privileged to be amongst them.

Since then, Fairy has flown (buddum tish) to new heights and I have made new contacts, friends and business relationships. Many of which, are thanks to 4Networking, perseverance and hard work.

It’s about time that everyone knew how great the Sheffield business scene is, how many people are involved and how many young entrepreneurs are appearing all over the Steel City.

So, when you next raise a glass, raise it to Sheffield – it saved my life.

Victoria Wood runs Sheffield-based PR and Copywriting company; Fairy Communications. She can be contacted via or @fairycomms on Twitter